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Hammer Head Sales

Making 2X Possible2009-07-04

Hammer Heads Sales is a wholesale hardware distributor specializing in high quality moderately priced import tools. We specialize in servicing any size hardware store or building supply center in the North East Georgia area. We stock over 3500 sku's at our Carlton, Georgia warehouse and deliver weekly on our own trucks. Our products range from a very broad selection of hand tools to lawn and garden tools, structural metal products and ventilation products used in residential home constuction. We sell grade stake and soil erosion control products. We also sell brushes, brooms, mops, chain, reconditioned Skill power tools, twine, rope, replacement handles, tape, files and an assortment of closeout merchandise. In short, we try to stock what sells at a price that allows our customers to optimize their profit. The 2X in our name means a lot more than the size of our shirts.

We are a lot more than a small company

About Hammer Head Sales2009-06-18

About 23 years ago, John started selling hardware stores in Northeast Georgia basic hardware. Everyone knew how green he was, so they all tried to give some advice to help him along. One seasoned salesman who became a good friend, Turner Mcgarity, told him to not get in too big a hurry, because the longer you call on your customers, the longer it takes at each stop. And how right he was. Somewhere over the last 23 years we have gone from a salesman-customer relationship to just being friends doing business. T. C. has been calling on many of you for over 40 years and Brent has more than mastered the art of socializing with customers in 6 short years. We really do look at ourselves as more than a company. We appreciate every friendship and look forward to it lasting a long long time.