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Welcome to On-line Help

Search Tips

The Product Search bar on the top of each page of the web site allows you to search by product number, manufacturer's numbers, upc number, description or vendor name.

Searching for Product Numbers
Enter the full product number or a portion of the product number. If you search for 1006, the search engine will find 1006 or 10062 or 61002 if those are valid numbers.

Searching for UPC Numbers and MFG Numbers
Generally the search engine will find all matches for upc numbers and mfg numbers. The search will also find partial matches. It is not necessary to enter the full upc number or the full mfgno.

You can easily find all items by a specific vendor by entering the name of the vendor. Unless abbreviations are included in the vendor name, the system will not find abbreviations.

Searching for Descriptions
Searching for a description is the most powerful feature of the search engine. You can enter a full description or keywords. For instance you can type hammer rip to find all rip hammers. If you do not know how to spell a keyword, then enter just a portion of the word. For example, ham cla would find all claw hammers. In general you want to find a balance by entering just what you need to find an item and not too many keywords. If you enter more keywords than you need, you risk finding no items or limiting the number of items found.

You may enter the keywords in any order you want. Searching for Quart Honey is the same as Honey Quart. If searching for sizes, you do not need to enter quotes. If you find too many products, you can try entering more keywords into your search. For instance, if you type wrench you will find the search returns approximately 175 results. Try entering wrench set or wrench filter to narrow the results. If you are still finding too many items, try entering different search keywords.

Generally you do not want to add an "s" for plural. For example, to find all hammers, enter only hammer.