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Our Company Policies

Hammer Head's Old Fashion Freight Policy2009-06-08

Remember when all of your freight from your hardware supplier was shipped to you at no charge. Well, that is one policy that has never changed with our company. If you are in our delivery area, your order will be delivered on our truck free of charge. We like to keep it simple.

Satisfaction Guaranteed2009-06-26

We guarantee that each item you purchase will be satisfactory upon receipt. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the quality and condition of the item, we will glady replace the product or refund your money.

Acceptance of Orders2009-06-26

Acceptance of any and all orders is subject to credit approval.

Concerning Orders2009-06-26

Order quantities may be adjusted depending on actual quanities available and to reflect pack sizes and minimum quantities. Once your order has been processed you will receive an email confirmation. This email will contain your full order with quantities shipped and net prices.

Payment Terms0000-00-00

All accounts are due at the time the merchandise is delivered. If special terms are requested, Hammer Head Sales, LLC will make every effect to accommodate you. Accounts that do not pay as scheduled will be charged interest at the highest amount allowed by law.

Freight Policy2009-06-26

Most orders are delivered on Hammer Head Sales trucks at no additonal charge. All other orders may be picked up by the customer or delivered as directed by the customer at the customer's expense.

Minimum Order2009-09-26

Hammer Head Sales does not require a minimum order. If we have anything that you need, we will gladly service your account.

Warranty of Products2009-06-26

The warranty of all products sold is provided by the manufacturer or the import company. Many items are warrantied for a lifetime against normal wear. Hydraulic tools, air tools, power tools and pneumatic tools are warrantied for 90 days, unless otherwise specified. Striking tool handles are not warrantied against over strikes or misuse. Hammer Head Sales offers no warranty other than that of each manufacturer or importer.


A manufacturer is listed for most products, and this is the primary source for this product. However, since Hammer Head Sales is primarily a distributor of imported toos, occasionally due to availability from improters, we will substitute a product using the same id number. Any substitution, and they are minimal, will be of equal or better quality and value and will be totally subject to the customer's approval.

Supplier Reference

Please see Vendor Reference.