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About Us

About Us

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We Are A Lot More Than A Small Company

All About Hammer Head Sales

About 35 years ago, John started selling basic supplies to hardware stores in Northeast Georgia. Everyone knew how green he was, so they all tried to give some advice to help him along. One seasoned salesman who became a good friend, Turner McGarity, told him to not get in too big a hurry, because the longer you call on your customers, the longer it takes at each stop. And how right he was. Somewhere over the last 35 years we have gone from a salesman-customer relationship to just being friends doing business. T. C. has been calling on many of you for over 40 years and Brent has more than mastered the art of socializing with customers in 6 short years. We really do look at ourselves as more than a company. We appreciate every friendship and look forward to it lasting a long long time.

We are here to service you

We Are Here To Serve You. We are always welcome to talk with you about your hardware and retail needs. Please contact one of our sales team members to discuss how we can help supply hardware for your retail business. Whether you have questions about becoming a new customer, inquiring about pricing and product catalogs, services that we offer or how to login and use our new website, please call us today!