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Hammer Head Sales

North Georgia's Hardware Wholesaler

Hammer Head Sales

North Georgia's Hardware Wholesaler

In business since 1995, Hammer Head Sales is a primary supplier of hand and garden tools to independent hardware stores, farm centers and building centers throughout North Georgia.

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Distrubutor of quality hand tools

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We are always welcome to talk with you about your hardware and retail needs. Please contact one of our sales team members to discuss how we can help you supply hardware for your retail business.

 Hammer Head Sales, LLC
640 Ruffs Rd
Carlton, GA30627
Web Support: 706-797-3696
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Current News and Articles

Hammer Head Sales Announces New Customer Web Site

HHS to Release new website during first quarter 2019

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After many months of development, we are excited to announce a new and much improved version of our customer driven website. The new site is loaded with features that will help you find the products you need to fulfill your inventory needs. From inventory look ups to multiple shopping carts, we hope that you will find it easy to place orders and view your order and item histories. Built using some of the newest web based technologies, www.hammerheadsales.com is fast and well designed we hope.... Read More...

New Full Product Line of Truper Tools

We have added a complete line of high quality truper tools

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Truper Tools has become a large part of Hammer Head Sales. We started 7 years ago selling a few Truper tools and shovels. ... Read More...

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Let Us Reset Your Product Displays

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We realize Hammer Head sales, LLC. is a small part of your total business volume, but hopefully a larger part of your profitability. We have found that the presentation of our product offerings affects sales. We are therefore willing to either assist you in a reset or we will be glad to do the job for you. If you are interested in a store or section reset, please let us know.... Read More...

No No Squito Bands Available for Immediate ordering.

A sure fire way to boost your sales!

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As far as we know, we are the first company in Georgia to distribute the No No Squito Bands. These bands last up to 200 hours and can be reused if stored in airtight containers or sealed bags. Brent uses them here at the warehouse, and he is astonished at their effectiveness. We sold out of our first shipment in 3 days, but we have more on the way. This product is sure to boost your sales. Place a box at the cash register and watch them fly out the door!... Read More...

Eliza Kate Floyd Is ready to fish Now!

New 4 FT Fishing Assortment Add to Our inventory. Available now for ordering.

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Eliza Kate Floyd of Morgan Hardware is excited about the new addition of fishing supplies to their hardware store. She stated the display looked extremely nice, and was representative of the kind of work they had come to expect from Hammer Head Sales. She is quite observant at a very young age. On a serious note, Hammer Head Sales has added a basic assortment of fishing tackle that will meet the occasional fishermans needs. We have intentionally targeted items that have very good sales histor... Read More...

Another way to boost sales

We Offer Work Shop Tool Tables at Competitive Pricing and high order Fulfillment rates.

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Michigan Industrial Tools has successfully introduced a Tool Table program under the name WORK SHOP tools. We have placed 6 of these tables in customers stores in a test market, and the results have been fantastic. Tool tables are not new in our industry, but the MIT approach with WORK SHOP is quite different from the competitors. Our program offers tools with a price point from .99 to 9.99. The packaging is a very attractive tan and maroon. The quality of these tools is above average for t... Read More...

Hammer Head Sales

Making 2X Possible

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Hammer Heads Sales is a wholesale hardware distributor specializing in high quality moderately priced import tools. We specialize in servicing any size hardware store or building supply center in the North East Georgia area. We stock over 3500 sku's at our Carlton, Georgia warehouse and deliver weekly on our own trucks. Our products range from a very broad selection of hand tools to lawn and garden tools, structural metal products and ventilation products used in residential home constuction... Read More...