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Our Cookie Documentation

Our Cookie Documentation

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Questions about Cookies

This page defines cookies, explains our use of cookies and shows you why and how they are used to enable a better web browsing experience.

What are cookies?

Cookies can be viewed as short term information stored on your computer. They exist in your browser and help us remember your login credentials and other bits of information. A cookie may look like this ID=29821234A. This ID number can be used to remember you when you return to the site so you do not have to login on each page that you visit.

Are cookies dangerous?

Are cookies enabled in my browser?

Can I view the cookies on my computer?

When and Why are cookies used?

How long does a cookie last?

Are cookies secure?

What are tracking cookies? Do we use them?

What is our policy regarding the use of cookies?

Are cookies harmful?

Can cookies transmit computer viruses?